Jodhpur Diaries #7

I hid behind the big flower vase and the hanging decorations as Shivam descended the stairs chatting pleasantly with a relative, a middle aged woman, perhaps a queen. The very silhouette of him had my heart pounding and gave me goose bumps. And today he looked very much the prince that he was- charming, compelling … Continue reading Jodhpur Diaries #7


Jodhpur Diaries #6

It can’t be. And that too after so many years. How can he be a Prince? Perhaps the Prince just looked so from far. But that voice? I couldn’t concentrate on the fabric and look of Nandini’s beautiful bridal wear. So many things were going on in my mind. Internet was of no use- he … Continue reading Jodhpur Diaries #6

Jodhpur Diaries #2

I hated my sister, officially now. I hated mom. How could they do this to me? They had created a profile with my details in, without my knowledge and shared all my interests with Mr.Chauhan, from among all the prospective grooms who had requested attention. I cringed with embarrassment when I saw chats about … Continue reading Jodhpur Diaries #2