Stories all around..

Now-a-days I am reading a lot of novellas. They are short, easy to read and easy to finish in a day. They have crisp plot and focus on that main plot without bothering much about subplots. My short attention span these days is fueled the best by these novellas. Indireads Novellas are some of the best fiction I have ever read. Recently I also read one of Amish genre. The culture was very new to me and the story had a fresh emotional connecting factor.

Online sites like fictionpress and quotev have stories in chapters- some long, some short. I like these sites for the different ideas these amateur writers have, though the grammar is a bit off at a few places and the plot construction is not the best. They post a new chapter, like a new episode to the story, every week. And the variety of stories that’s there- starting from fan fiction to romance to thriller- is very good. Other such sites are Movella and Figment.

I read such a story of about 90 pages in quotev, and I enjoyed it. I finished the story in just one sitting. Here’s the link. It’s a bit manga style(or a Korean webtoon kindof) story where a girl disguises herself like a boy to enter into the dance group ‘Flow’ and follow her dream of dancing. The author has kept the plot short and very interesting, inspired from the movie ‘She’s the man’. I found a huge resemblance with the Korean series ‘To the Beautiful You’.

It’s interesting how these young minds have so many ideas for a story.


One thought on “Stories all around..

  1. Hey hi …
    was reading random blogs an reached here..!!
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    And regarding this article, thanks for sharing this..Coz even I get tired of reading novels; no time, lazy etc ..
    So this does sound a good alternative !! 🙂
    See you around !!


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