‘Starcrossed’ by Josephine Angelini is the first book of a YA fantasy romance trilogy published by Harper Collins. The sequels are ‘Dreamless’ and ‘Goddess’. This is the story of Helen Hamilton, a high school student painfully shy of crowds and is extremely ‘attention allergic’. She lives in the quaint little island of Nantucket with her father.

Helen doesn’t know a thing about her mother, who had abandoned her after birth. She just keeps twirling the heart shaped locket around her neck which is supposedly her mother’s. Since childhood she has known she’s not ordinary. She’s doubly stronger than average girls her age; she is faster than most human and she gets severe stomach cramps whenever she tends to draw too much attention. And things become more awry when she is overcome with unexplainable rage and anger and tries to kill Lucas- the son of the large Delos family who recently moved to the island from Spain. She sees The Furies, gets lively nightmares and has this intense urge to kill.

It is gradually revealed that they are all demigods, or Scions, as they prefer to call themselves. There are many interesting theories in the book related to the four houses of Scions, the debt they carry, the rise of the lost Atlantis, the gaining of possible immortality, and the danger of another devastating war like the War of Troy. Every birth and rebirth in the demigods is the reincarnation of people involved in the Trojan War- Archetypes of Greek Characters. Helen resembles the Helen of Troy- ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’ and led to a ten year long war.

The Fates and prophecies tell she would again lead to a destructive war. The cycle would repeat itself. Lucas and Helen understand they cannot be together as it would trigger the war, but still try to find a way around the destinies. They are the star crossed lovers who are not meant to be together. The story takes another about turn when Helen’s mother is back, with many a secret to reveal.

Among the human characters I just loved Claire, Helen’s all weather best friend. She’s so sweet, chatty and hilarious. Matt- her other school friend, her father Jerry and Kate- the kind, friendly, ultimate baker of the beautiful bakery where Helen worked part time are some others. Among the scions I was quite impressed by Hector’s strength and skills; the Oracle in the family- Cassandra’s foresight; the kind Ariadne and the main romantic love interest Lucas. The characters are well crafted and the emotion, depth, passion of love is alive and well portrayed.

I have always been fascinated by Greek mythologies and legends. ‘The Goddess Test’ was one of my favorites. And my sister is a great fan of all Percy Jackson novels. So I really liked this book, it’s original story and it’s unique twists and turns.

josephine angelini


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