Stories all around..

Now-a-days I am reading a lot of novellas. They are short, easy to read and easy to finish in a day. They have crisp plot and focus on that main plot without bothering much about subplots. My short attention span these days is fueled the best by these novellas. Indireads Novellas are some of the … Continue reading Stories all around..



I want to learn the Japanese Ink Painting. I want to learn the ways to make beautiful strokes in black and grey, with spots of red. I just love the bamboo paintings, and the simple cherry blossoms that mark every Japanese art. I wish someone could teach me. I’m not very good at portraits, but … Continue reading Paintings..


‘Starcrossed’ by Josephine Angelini is the first book of a YA fantasy romance trilogy published by Harper Collins. The sequels are ‘Dreamless’ and ‘Goddess’. This is the story of Helen Hamilton, a high school student painfully shy of crowds and is extremely ‘attention allergic’. She lives in the quaint little island of Nantucket with her … Continue reading Starcrossed