Beautiful retelling of the fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

It focuses on the villain’s back story- the black fairy, Maleficent. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Every antagonist has a back story, as no one is evil without reason. She’s the hero and she’s the villain of this tale. I just loved this perspective. The entire idea of ‘true love’ as shown in the movie is just so befitting. We find it where we least expect it. Loved the movie.

Maleficent was a fairy, enchantingly beautiful. She had big wings, strong and powerful. They took her far above the clouds, against the winds, beyond her land. She was betrayed by the king she loved, who stole her wings, leaving her weak and in pain. Consumed by anger, hatred, and revenge, she cursed his baby daughter an irreversible fate that no force in the world can break except true love’s kiss.

Aurora grew up gracefully and lovingly under the watchful eyes of Maleficent. She thought her to be her fairy godmother. Maleficent was curious, why was she so drawn to the young girl, her enemy’s daughter. Aurora was what was left of Maleficent’s malevolent heart. Her dark self showed the warmth and care only around Aurora. I just loved the equation Aurora shared with Maleficent, unaware of the curse that she had cast upon her. Maleficent’s futile try to break her own curse and save Aurora was heart wrenching. The climax and the ending here was far better than the original version of ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Angelina Jolie’s acting is amazing, breathtaking, magnificent and spectacular. I loved her character. She portrayed such depth with a mask-like straight face, that’s worthy of applaud. I liked her get up, especially those horns. They did add a lot of strength and might to her character. I liked the narrator, the voice behind the scenes, who explained the passage of time and changing of seasons. I can see this movie again and again. Recommended to all who love fairy tales.



The Giver


It’s a strange world with strange rules. The people there live in communities and have no memories of their past. They are not allowed to know about their real parents. Every family is assigned a child or a newborn as a responsibility. They don’t see colors, or feel deep emotions, the result of the medication injected in every individual every morning. They don’t know anything about guilt, fear, envy, regret, anger, etc. This is to ensure that there is no competition that’d result in destruction. They are assigned jobs by The Elder after they graduate, in a ceremony. And only one in a generation can be chosen as The Receiver of memories.

When Jonas becomes the Receiver, he is apprehensive at first but the beautiful memories thrill him. He sees colors, the snow, the ocean, and listens to music of all forms, as The Giver imparts him the knowledge. He sees extinct animals, and experiences the deep, lingering emotions. But it is too shocking for him to accept the memories of pain, suffering and war. It is overwhelming. But he gets a hang of it, and understands that not being allowed to feel all this is wrong. The settlement is just empty people with no depth, forcing the ‘precision of language’ every time someone uttered ‘love’, and murdering the weak under the name of ‘releasing to elsewhere’. Jonas decides to cross the boundary that regulates the memories to protect the baby Gabriel(Gabe).

Though I am not that impressed by the movie, I like its significance and the message it conveys. I like the scenes of fun and frolic, dance and music, love and loss of a mother, thrill of an adventure, fear of falling, satisfaction of surviving, willpower to lead countries, and patriotism of countrymen. Otherwise the plot is threadbare and predictable, the climax is feeble and acting is kind of okey. Actually this whole dystopian world was not that convincing.

But the book that this movie is based on is rather popular. I wonder why the title is ‘The Giver’, when the story actually revolves around ‘The Receiver’.